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Ground Support Systems

Spraying Machines

Tekflex Weather Proof Coating Machine

The Tekflex spraying machine is designed in conjunction with a leading cement and grout producer to mix and pump their extremely iviscous, flexible membrane spray material. Wide throat pump elimates build-up between tank and pump.

Very high torque mixer motor geared to the optimum speed to give a thorough and efficient mix every time. The speed is variable at the motor in small increments. Easily split into two parts for ease of transportation should site conditions disctate this. Pump is driven via a gearbox for smooth starting. Easily adaptable for standard grouts.
Tekflex Machine

Piccola Gunite Spraying Machine

This robust dry spraying machine can be either air or electrically operated, used for processing shotcrete or gunite and for the conveyance of all types of dry materials such as gravel, a nozzle head allows the pouring of concrte. Shotcrete applications for this machine include tunnelling, gallery work, slope protection, large area repairs, even construction of houses or similar projects are all possible.
Picola Spraying Machine

Master Works Resinous Material Spraying Machine

Master Works M1 (MM) is a resinous, water based material. It is intended for use as a TSL (thin skin liner). It has an exceptional adhesion to most rock substrates and will bring together loose and friable rock and prevent further unravelling.

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Master Works Spraying Machine