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Seepex Progressive Cavity Mud Pumps

Seepex Progressive Cavity Mud Pumps


These pumps are ideal for applications in agriculture, ceramics, chemicals, biochemicals, construction, dyeing, paints, electroplating, environmental technology, fish processing, food, beverages, barkery dough and fillings, mining, inorganic minerals, oil and natural gas production, offshore technologies, cosmetics, petrochemicals, phamaceuticals, pulp and paper, ship building, sugar regining, water and wastewater treatment, textiles, glues, adhesives, mastics and sealers in the transportation and construction markets.


Key Facts

Range Overview

Product N pumps are used in all industries and convey thin to highly viscous liquids with or without solids. they are available with various rotor/stator geometries (conventional, 6L. Tricam and Equal Wall). These benefits and others ensure the pump's economical operation.

BN Range

The drive of BN range pumps is flange mounted directly to the pump. This means that a separate pump bearing is not necessary and the pump is more compact and less expensive. The plug-in shaft connection between the drive and rotating unit simplifies the replacement of rotating wearing parts and the shaft sealing, thereby making the BN range very service-friendly.

NS/N Range

NS range pumps have drives not directly flange-mounted to the pump. Bare shaft designs can fit any drive the user desires including diesel engines or hydraulic motors. The drive casing can accommodate elastic couplings or belt pulleys and still has a service-friendly plug-in shaft connection. This connection simplifies the replacement of the rotating wearing parts and the shaft sealing.

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