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K60 All-In-One Drilling Rig

Fast, Efficient & Powerful

The TD610 Drilling Righ uses 10 ft (3 m) long drill rods with the high torque JT-200 series of rotation heads for geothermal, geotechnical and foundation drilling applications.

The JT-200 series of rotation heads feature a 2-3/8" (60 mm) center bore for mud or air flushing or grout injection with the included 90 degree, max 2,500 PSI (172 bar) top swivel.

The rotation head drive flange can be coupled with an adapter to fit the customers drill rods or casings for various applications and drill methods. With optional setups for mud or air drilling the K40 Short Mast Drilling Rig is compatible with all drill rods and augers currently available.

Additional tooling may be required to suit various drilling applications.

K60 All-In-One Drilling Rig

Technical Specifications

System Pressure 3,000 psi (206 bar)
Max Flow 47 gpm (180 lpm)
Max Pullback 21,400 lbs (9,706 kg)
Max Pushdown 16,000 lbs (7,257 kg)
Engine Power 83 hp (62 kW)
Fuel Tank 31 gallons (117 L)
Hydraulic Tank 89 gallons (337 L)
Cooling System Air Cooled
Side to Side Movement +/-36°
Fore and Aft +3° to -90°
Slide 24" (609 mm)
Height (Drilling Position) 18'3" (5.56 m)
Height (Transport Position) 7'2" (2.17 m)
Length (Drilling Position) 12'4" (3.77 m)
Mast Stroke 11'10" (3.6 m)
Width 60" (1.52 m)
Weight 10,000 lbs (4,545 kg)
Track Width 60" (1,524 mm)
Track Length 90" (2,286 mm)
ROTARY HEADS : (JT-200 Series)
Max Torque 10,400 ft-lbs with JT205 (14,000 Nm)
Max Speed 205 rpm
Through Bore 2-3/8" (60mm)
Speeds 2 Speed Variable
Clam Clamps & Breakout Wrench 9" OD (229 mm) bore
Rotation Head Horizontal Slide 24" (609 mm) slide
Onboard Rod RAck. Holds 350' of 10' drill rods
Winch & Mast Extension 2,200 lbs (998 kg) pull
Lubricator 2.2 gallons (8.3 L)
Swing-Out Z Frame Control Arm
Hydraulic Jack Legs
Auxillary Spool Control
K60 All-In-One Drilling Rig K60 All-In-One Drilling Rig Diagram