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K3 Excavator Drilling Mast Attachment

Fast, Efficient & Powerful

The K3 Drilling Mast Attachment uses 10ft )3 m) long drill rods with the high torque JT-200 Series of rotation heads for geothermal, geotechnical and foundation drilling applications.

The JT-200 series of rotation heads feature a 2-3/8" (60 mm) center bore for mud or air flushing or grout injection with the included 90 degree, max 2,500 PSI (172 bar) top swivel. The rotation head drive flange can be coupled with an adapter to fit the customers drill rods or casings for various applications and drill methods.

All excavator attachments include T legs for safe horizontal transport and storage of the mast. A simple 2-hose connection allows for easy attchment to the carrier machine (some carrier machines required additional hydraulics to operate the mast) The rear mount plate is built to suit the specified carrier machine/s.

The K3 can be fitted with additional features and tooling to suit a variety of applications and drill methods currently available.

K2 Excavator Attachment

Technical Specifications

ROTARY HEADS : (JT-200 Series)
Max Torque 10,400 ft-lbs with JT205 (14,000 Nm)
Max Speed 205 rpm with JT222-M
Through Bore 2-3/8" (60mm)
Speeds 2 Speed Variable
System Pressure 3,000 psi (206 bar)
Max Flow 35-45 gpm (132-170 lpm)
HEIGHT 15' 2" (4,642 mm)
Mast Stroke 11' 10" (3.6 m)
Max Pullback 21,400 lbs (9,706 kg)
Weight (mast only) 3,410 lbs (1,550 kg)
Clamp System Clam Clamps & Breakout Wrench 9" OD
Side to Side Movement Optional
Clam Clamps & Breakout Wrench 9" OD (229 mm) bore
Transport / Storage T Legs
Standard 2 Hose Quick Disconnect Connection
Hydraulic Main Cynlinders provide maximum Pullback
Carrier Machine Mounting Plate / Bracket
Double Breakout Clamps
Safety Clamp System. Hands-free breakout
Auxiliary Winch 42' rope / 1,470 lbs pull
Winch Extension Package 2,000 lbs (907 kg) pull
Remote Controls. Tracks Only or Tracks, Rotation & Feed
Dust Suppression System for DTH Hammer Drilling
Trip Wire Safety System (Euriopean Spec)
Mast Mounted Flood Lights
Mono Mud Pump 150-180 gpm / 300-800 psi
K2 Excavator Attachment Diagram