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Ground Support Systems

Grout Machines

Continuous Placing Machine

Our Continuous placing machine, has by virtue of the large amount of units sold proven to be the most effective continuous mixing and placing machine available. With the choice of two constant fixed rates for metering grout against variable water flow, the slurry produced remains constant throughout the pumping operation.

Placing Machine

Caralius Pump - For High Pressure Grouting

Caralius ZBE Pump Refurbished by Mansfield Mining Ltd is a double acting piston pump, capable of pumping most group mixers used in combination with sealing and reinforcement work in rock and overburden formations.

Caralius Machine

Double & Single Acting Plunger Pumps used for Grouting Long Distances

The heavy duty high pressure double acting pump, works with a power pack and up to 4 mixing tanks to blen and pump cementitious materials up to 5000 metres.

Double Acting Pump